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What Do We Do?

Cakes, Doughnuts, Cookies! Everyone loves pastries! Now, wrap that in a box with a bow on top [literally] and throw on free delivery, we get an irresistible combination. That exactly is what Bubble’s Bakeshop PASTRY PLATTER offers. We will also give cheap pastry in Badagry with free delivery.

What You Will Find In Our Boxes


Try our premium freshly baked butternuts at Bubbles Bakeshop! They are basically doughnuts with an interesting twist. Our expertly crafted flavors feature top-quality ingredients and attention to detail in every bite. Each large Pastry Platter contains 6 medium sized doughnuts.


Bubbles Bakeshop offers handcrafted cupcakes with fine ingredients in 3 or 6 cupcake boxes for a memorable experience. Choose us for indulgent treats. Thank you!


Get our delicious chocolate chip cookies in 8 or 16 cookie boxes perfect for snacking or sharing! They're so good you'll want more, and we ensure they stay fresh and easy to take with you.


Indulge in our mouth-watering brownies! From classic chocolatey ones to our honey fudge variety, our selection satisfies your sweet cravings guilt-free, irrespective of dietary restrictions.

Why Choose Us

Benefit 1

By buying Bubble’s Bakeshop PASTRY PLATTER, you get not just an assortment of homemade pastries but an array of pastries for any and everyone, notwithstanding any’s health needs.

Benefit 2

The brownies are full of honey and medicinal flavourings, perfect for older persons and those with special dietary needs.

Benefit 3

The cookies are made with low fat milk and fresh coconuts, ideal for any and everybody.

Benefit 4

Our PASTRY PLATTERs are ordered online and delivered directly to your preferred location, with free delivery in and around Badagry. Cool, isn’t it?

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